Elementary 1


Islamic Studies
Students are introduced to Allah (swt) as The Creator. Through stories, songs, Quranic ayaat, lessons from the sunnah and seerah, and engaging activities, students learn about the might and majesty of Allah (swt) and how to worship Him though attention to His creation. So begins the child's knowledge and awareness of Allah (swt) -taqwa. Students then explore their relationship with Allah (swt) throughout the units and their additional relationships with family, community and the world with age appropriate examples from the Qur'an and examples of Prophet Muhammad(s)
Book(s): Allah and our World.

The students learn to recognize, read and write the Arabic Alphabet whilst learning a new vocabulary word from the Quran that begins with the letter of the week. 
Book(s): 1) Quranic Arabic for Begginers 2) Arabic Alphabet and Writing

The importance of Salah is explained to the children. They also learn how to do Salah through practice and memorization. The children will be taught the different postures of salah and its timing. and other important aspects of salah in a fun and interactive way.
Book(s): 1) Color and Learn Salah 

All lessons are taught through games, coloring, and arts and crafts. Video and audio cassettes are used to enhance learning.

Please ensure that your child brings his or her school books, a pencil, and an eraser to class. Please send your child with a small, healthy snack.




Islamic Studies: Allah and our world: We have talked about the 5 pillars of Islam in class. Please hep your child remember  the 1st pillar - Shahadah.

Arabic: Arabic : Arabic Alpabet and Writing: Please help your child do page 11 and 13 in the book. Eid Mubarak! 

Salah: Color and Learn Salah: 


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